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8 good reasons not to mention Christmas in September

September 2015

Christmas 2014 was a stormy time for courier companies and retailers alike. Many weaknesses in the UK courier networks were uncovered, the delivery company City Link collapsed and the whole network left many sellers under prepared for the difficulties that followed.

In contrast, the main strengths of Procuright and other multi carrier shipping solutions shone through. Flexibility and adaptability have long been our greatest assets. Businesses using the courier comparison software that we're able to give access to (at no cost), with more than one courier at their disposal, found they had the option to sidestep many of the issues that plagued the industry throughout December (and partly into January too due to the huge build-up and consequent delays in some courier networks). All those with their eggs in one basket were left scrapping for the limited space available in an industry whose networks were already spread thin.

Flexibility is not the only benefit to arise from using a courier consolidation company like Procuright ; many of the other added extras can significantly help with the daily tasks involved in sending and monitoring your parcels. As well as time saving, we're obviously aiming for a financial cost saving too for your business.

Having multiple courier options, coupled with the technology that we're able to give you access to can reduce the extra pressures your business may be under during the Christmas period. Exploiting different zone boundaries, or even having an option that offered a slower transit time as opposed to an additional fee, can really save you money. The same applies to juggling maximum weight and length limits. If you select the right service, a saving of 60% is not uncommon. And of course, we're here to advise on these options. The other benefits to multiple courier options include, one invoice (regardless of which courier you use), one quoting and booking system (still regardless of which courier you use) and one point of contact (us...... and yes, regardless of which courier you use). And a final note on the latter; we're not a robotic call centre. We're a small, approachable team that will always get back to you and will advise whenever you need it.

We have the customer services to be able to handle any questions or delivery problems. With logistics (mainly due to human beings involved) there will be late deliveries, undelivered goods, address issues etc. unfortunately. That all adds to the workload for you or your staff to juggle alongside your regular business activities. Courier consolidation companies have the infrastructure and experience to deal with these issues quickly and effectively. Our customer service staff will handle issues and where possible prevent problems from arising. And courier consolidation companies often have a deeper, more robust understanding of the couriers' protocols which often gives faster and more effective results. For example, in many cases, parcels can be stopped from being unnecessarily returned resulting in further savings.

Then there is the perk of working with people who handle your claims queries, invoice disputes and late/failed collections all day every day. No more bouncing between departments or calling call centres or looking for someone to decrypt terms and conditions. One call to us and we'll sort things for you.

Finally, there is strength in numbers and this is how we're able to offer the discounts we do; imagine you buy £10,000 of stock instead of £500 worth of stock; you get a bigger discount which means you can pass it on to your clients making you more competitive within the marketplace...... We're the same. We've got thousands of clients across the UK and we take a lot of business to the various suppliers. Because of our expertise, we're also able to match your requirements etc. with the right supplier, whilst showing a cost saving of course. We just match SMEs to the right couriers, at the right price.

The benefits of courier consolidation companies are abundant and with online shopping set to exceed £52 billion by the end of 2015, the potential time and money saved is more than worth considering this Autumn. Whether you're looking for UK Parcel Delivery solutions, International Deliveries or consolidation for both, we have what you need.

"All those with their eggs in one basket were left scrapping for the limited space available in an industry whose networks were already spread thin."