A recent Case Study of a current client; A Nursery School in Greater Manchester

The client is a Pre-School Nursery providing day care for up to 50 children with just over 20 members of staff. The business has been running for a number of years as part of a larger group but things have changed recently.

Case Study Cost Reduction

Services Reviewed

  The cost review to date includes Business Telecoms, Business Supplies and Office Supplies.


Average Annual Saving

Business Telecoms 17.8%, Business Supplies 10.7%, Office Supplies 0%


Total Annual Saving

  Business Telecoms £1,140, Business Supplies £2,820 and Office Supplies £0 (New Equipment).

Nursery Greater Manchester They are a nursery having just gone through a management buyout having been part of a large group.

We currently look after their:

Business supplies
office supplies

They have also asked us to look at their:

Business Insurance

Nursery School in Greater Manchester

Our client is a Pre-School Nursery providing day care for up to 50 children with just over 20 members of staff.  Although the business has been running for a number of years as part of a larger group, a management buyout had resulted in not only a change in funding but also as they were to be severed from the wider groups buying power and expertise. This move to a standalone business also resulted in the termination/removal of certain core services and facilities. Service provision being paramount throughout the process they needed a speedy resolution to key areas to maintain a seamless transfer and continuity but within a relatively small budget.

The brief

After meeting with the centre management and board of trustees we established that with the changes to the business that the available finances were especially tight, even for an industry that is renowned for small margins and high costs. As part of the hand over period certain group owned assets such as office and computer equipment were to be removed and certain existing contracts would need to be resourced.

Their primary concern was time; both in the amount of involvement the centre management had to commit to the process due to their commitments to service continuation as well as updating the current facilities and also that everything had to be in place for the hand over date for business continuity. All had to be completed to a deadline and fulfil the exacting standards expected by both the management and the children's parents.

Due to the nature of the shared premises certain areas were not reviewable, but we identified the most pressing areas were:

  • Telecoms - internet, lines and calls, handsets
  • Computer equipment
  • Office furniture
  • New branded work wear for staff
  • Printed medium
  • A supplier to source their ongoing business supplies - cleaning products, office supplies etc.
  • The outcome

    We were able to replace the purchasing power and expertise they had lost in order to take the pain and hassle of organising the project, sourcing solutions and then liaising back with progress updates. Within a matter of weeks we were able to facilitate the installation of a new telecoms system ('phone lines, handsets, internet) all within a market competitive package. We were also able to offer a simple solution for all of their other requirements through a business supplies specialist who could provide a one stop shop for everything from new furniture, printed medium through to continued provision of their cleaning products which will help reduce the time spent various different suppliers to get the best deal. On top of this we were also able to conduct a supplies review based on their previous usage and reduce their costs by an additional 10%.

    "Procuright have been fantastic. Without them, we wouldn't have known where to start or how to continue providing the level of child care expected of us while managing such a project. They have worked tirelessly to make sure everything happened on time and in budget. Due to our budgetary constraints the fact there is no charge for their service has allowed us to invest in other areas of updating our facilities" CW the Care Centre Manager.