A recent Case Study of a current client; A UK Specialist in Orthopaedic Products

The client is is one of the leading UK companies specialising in orthopaedic products and services to the global healthcare, veterinary and dental industries

Case Study Cost Reduction

Services Reviewed

  The cost review to date includes International Deliveries, UK Deliveries and Foreign Exchange.


Average Annual Saving

International Deliveries 9.1%, UK Deliveries 8.2%, Foreign Exchange 1%.


Total Annual Saving

  International Deliveries £1,690, UK Deliveries £6,780 and Foreign Exchange £10,000 (approx.).

Orthopaedic Specialist They're one of the leading UK companies specialising in orthopaedic products and services.

We currently look after their:

International Deliveries
UK Deliveries
Foreign Exchange

They have also asked us to look at their:


A UK Specialist in Orthopaedic Products

Our client is one of the leading UK companies specialising in orthopaedic products and services to the global healthcare, veterinary and dental industries. They design, develop and manufacture a wide range of specialist instruments and consumables for the use in orthopaedic surgical procedures.

With over 6,500 products in their range, covering hip, knee and shoulder implants, external fixators, spinal and trauma implants, hip spacers, knee spacers, maxillofacial implants and instrumentation for all the above areas, they have clients both nationally and internationally.

The Brief

Upon meeting with the Directors of the company we established they were utilising a range of couriers for both their UK and International deliveries. What they were looking for was the same industry leading delivery times and the couriers which reflect the quality of their products and customer services. But they also needed a streamlined solution for keeping track of the status of a delivery (regardless of the carrier they chose) and the quoted costs (for their own invoicing of clients) in the most cost effective and efficient manner. They also wanted accessible and good quality customer care as well as realising an overall cost saving on their logistics needs.

The Outcome

We were able to realise a significant cost saving. The Directors were also impressed with the huge time saving through the online software that they now have access to. It helps them choose the best courier and service to route their products based on the weight and dimensions of the parcel, packet, document or pallet for both transit time and actual cost. They can track, create labels (individually or as a batch) from one system with all the best known carriers.

Being able to speak to one point of contact, that understands their business and their specific shipping needs, about their shipments and have access to help and advice was an added advantage and another great time saver.

Within their industry, time is critical to meeting their clients' needs so still being able to utilise the different carriers to their strengths in different countries and territories, which at peak periods (around Christmas etc.) is great as their essential products are not held up with the increased traffic through the parcel networks.

We continue to work with them to ensure that the most efficient and cost-effective options are utilised and with the recent addition of their Wound Care Division, which sells directly to the NHS, cost effective methods of next day delivery within the UK has become even more necessary.

"We first contacted Procuright as we were experiencing numerous issues dealing with courier companies directly and not providing the service levels to our global customers which reflected badly on our company. Since working with Procuright our inward and outward shipments have run smoothly with total transparency with the online system which they set us up with, free of charge. We are given carrier choices with just one entry for quotation, something which took an absolute age for my staff. It also provides full track-ability of each shipment and notifies our customers directly when to expect their shipments.

Upon analysis of our freight bills, we have found that they have reduced significantly. Obviously, the bulk rates which we can benefit from is a real gem, and I would highly recommend any company, large or small, to seriously look at adopting this method of shipping. Working with Procuright is a real delight as they have proven to be accommodating in every manner with nothing being too much trouble, a real pleasure for our busy despatch department staff.

Having worked with Procuright for quite some time now we have moved our Foreign Currency Exchange over to them from our London based currency trader. Primarily, we deal in Euros and US Dollars and the service and assistance which we receive now is second to none. We are so pleased that we made the change from our 'faceless' London based currency trader.

Currently, we are reviewing our Company Insurance cover and because of the outstanding level of service which we have received since working with Procuright, we have asked them to guide us through the various options open to us, not only to ensure that we as a company are fully compliant with all the up to date legislation, but also our specialised needs for our industry are met.

In summary, we have absolutely no hesitation but to recommend Procuright to any company as it truly does make a refreshing change to work with such a responsive and professional organisation - one which provides considerable cost saving and enhanced efficiency to our business, effectively being an extension to our company without any of the overhead costs." JF the Director.