A case study of a current client; A Yorkshire Manufacturing Company

The client is a successful manufacturer in Rotherham specialising in the production of high end components and have been in business for almost 50 years.

Case Study Cost Reduction

Services Reviewed

  The cost review to date includes Business Energy, Business Insurance and Business Telecoms.


Average Annual Saving

Business Energy 22.4%, Business Insurance 27.3%, Business Telecoms 31.9%.


Total Annual Saving

  Business Energy £7,670, Business Insurance £1,700 and Business Telecoms £2,087.

Yorkshire Manufacturing Case Study They're a successful company having been in business for almost 50 years.

We currently look after their:

Business Energy
Business Insurance
Business Telecoms

They have also asked us to look at their:


A Yorkshire Manufacturing Company

Our client is a successful manufacturer in Rotherham specialising in the production of high end components. Celebrating almost 50 years in business as a privately owned family lead company, they are keen to ensure the robustness of the business for future generations. They have a small but flexible team which they heavily invest time and training in to ensure high levels of skills are maintained within the business.

Having had a recent generational change of leadership the new Managing Director wanted to review the company's procurement strategy. Having not dealt directly with this side of the business previously, he wanted to engage with a company who he could trust to offer the right guidance and advice without asking for additional time commitments due to his already hectic work schedule.

the brief

Discussing what the Director wanted to achieve, we established the aim of the review was to ensure key operational costs were as efficient as possible, without compromising production quality; the reason was to financially support a process of expansion and re-investment in new technology.

Having conducted our review the majority of our reports confirmed a well-run and well maintained business and the majority of their costs were market competitive.  We were however able to secure a significant cost saving on the business energy (electricity & gas) and their business telecoms as well as going to market for their business insurance policies which realised a further improvement.

The outcome

In total we were able to realise a combined annual cost saving of £11,457. Obviously happy with this result the company have been able to update some existing plant and invest in new machinery already. He was also impressed with how little involvement he needed in the project, allowing him to fully focus on the development of the business and his new role.

Within their industry, time is critical to meeting clients' deadlines so upon the Director's request we will also take over the handling of contractual negotiations in the other areas as they arise in order to release more time for key members of staff to focus on core functions. We continue to work with key members of the board and are currently looking at finance options in order to facilitate relocation into larger premises.

"I would highly recommend Procuright. They didn't come in and tell me how to run my business but looked to understand what I wanted to achieve. Refreshingly, they informed me of areas we were already performing well in and we didn't need to change, giving me peace of mind we had the best deals in place and that I could trust them. But when they reported back what we could save in just a couple of areas I was astounded as we had utilised a broker for years and always thought they were working hard for us; we've had our eyes opened! Apart from the cost saving, the main difference is I don't have to worry about renewal dates or devoting time to searching the market for the best deal, Procuright do all this for us" JB the Managing Director.