Whether you run a budding start-up enterprise, with fewer than ten staff, or you're purchasing on behalf of a national corporation, there's no need to be paying over the odds for your commercial gas and electric. Regardless of how big or small your company, we will source the best commercial electricity tariffs and most competitive gas rates available.

It's not a given that you're currently receiving the best energy prices. We search the market to get you the best possible deal out there, giving you the time to concentrate on the business.

You may now be asking, "why can I not compare business energy online?" Ultimately, unlike with domestic energy, the process of comparing business electric and gas online is very difficult. Suppliers don't consistently publish their standard rates, suppliers need to credit check businesses and businesses also have to decide what contract length they need.

Compare business energy and save. Energy comparison on electricity and gas to help you switch energy supplier.

Energy Comparison

Switch Energy Supplier and Save

Switch your business energy with Procuright and get a great deal on your business electricity rates and business gas prices. Plus;

  • It's an opportunity to reduce costs
  • Access beneficial contracts for SMEs
  • It's a quick, simple and easy process
  • A no-cost analysis on your electricity and gas
  • Objection and query management on your behalf
  • Effective energy procurement and account management

Fast Energy Comparison

Despite the benefits, the complexities of switching can be off-putting. Comparing like-for-like can be difficult with different suppliers. So we'll;

  • Check your billing to see if you're paying too much
  • Analyse and find the right deals for your business
  • Compare suppliers and present on a like-for-like basis
  • Consolidate energy tariffs and meters
  • Switch your supplier or negotiate a better deal with your existing one
  • Manage your business energy in the future

Finding the best business energy tariffs is only one part of our job - albeit an enormously important one. We make a point of maintaining a strong relationship with our clients long after they've made use of our price comparison service.

Finding cheap business energy deals is easier than you think

Our energy procurement services secure you the most beneficial electric and gas supply contract for your business requirements.

All businesses have different electricity and gas prerequisites so it makes sense to tailor your tariff to meet those specific needs. But finding the right deal for your business can take time, effort and no shortage of knowledge of the energy market. That's where we can help.

commercial energy comparison
  • We'll need some information from you. We need to know what you're looking to achieve. We know you're busy, so we'll try to keep your input down to a minimum, but we'll require a few basics in order to find the best business electric and gas deals on your behalf.
  • Sit back, relax and let us do all of the work for you. Like we promised in Step One, we aim to make this process as easy for you as possible. It's time for us to search for the best commercial electricity and gas tariffs from the UK energy suppliers.
  • We'll present the best 2-4 electric, gas or both, tariffs to you which match your needs. Our energy experts will then handle the process between your current provider and your new energy supplier, ensuring your switch is trouble free and is completed as quickly as possible.
Ready to get started? We're ready to help Switch Energy Supplier