Our Procurement Consultancy & Professional Procurement Services

We provide a fully managed service for some or all of our clients’ indirect procurement needs

We are mindful, at all times, of the client's commercial interests and focused on achieving the required outcomes across a range of procurement services perhaps more so than if we were on their payroll.

In short we are an extension of our clients’ businesses, providing the flexible off-the-payroll expertise our clients require – from one-off projects or any combination of individual category management to a complete outsourced indirect procurement solution.

About Us

We provide procurement outsourcing, procurement services, cost management, category management, contract management and supplier relationship management solutions to UK businesses at all stages of development. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, an interest in the latest strategies, procurement processes, tools and technology, we have the answers for your organisation to enhance efficiencies, boost processes and reduce costs.

About You

You operate within manufacturing, automotive, transport & logistics, education, hospitality & leisure, healthcare, engineering & construction, financial services, wholesale, technology, retail & eCommerce or professional & business services. Your job title is a Director of FP&A, Managing Director, Finance Director, CEO, Financial Controller, Business Owner, Facilities Manager, Procurement Professional, or Manager.

A Procurement Consultancy Understanding Client Needs

We work with our clients to understand their current and evolving requirements

We will ask challenging questions, be persistent in the pursuit of our clients’ goals and know our clients' businesses.

Off-the-Payroll Procurement Solutions for Growing Businesses

Throughout the process, our consultative approach will ensure the relevant parties, within both the vendor and buyer organisations, are aligned in a coalition behind the right purchasing solution(s). In our increasingly interconnected world, decisions are made in an interconnected way. Our aim always, is to secure a coalition of stakeholders powerful enough to secure the adoption of a solution and the commitment or ‘buy-in’ to ensure its success.

Procurement Consultancy

Building Strong Business Relationships

Essential to successful procurement, business-to-business vendor and buyer relationships, through necessity, have to be properly managed to achieve the different desired outcomes required by each party.

Because vendors and buyers have competing goals these differences can, if the relationship is not properly managed, cause conflict, low productivity through protracted dispute resolution, unprofitable vendor margins necessary to sustain the relationship and in the worst case scenario, an irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and perhaps litigation.

Rely On Us

In an uncertain world you can rely on Procuright to look out for our clients' interests and pro-actively manage these relationships.

We regularly review our supply chain, adding and removing suppliers as required. And we oversee and monitor supplier performance, which is informed by our attendance at regular supplier contract performance review meetings with our clients, and resolve any small issues before they might otherwise be allowed to become insurmountable.

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Procurement Consultation Process

Our Professional Procurement Services are based upon a three-strand approach and throughout the relationship we’re here to help.

We are motivated to create lasting partnerships and ensuring your experience is a rewarding one. We pride ourselves on personalising our services to your business, so we always get it right and achieve your desired outcomes.

1. Pre-Planning for Outsourced Professional Procurement Services

We'll help you gather your requirements from key stakeholders and document the business requirements. Our procurement consultants will initially work with you to identify business challenges and assess the match between us. You'll get to learn about us and we will learn about you and your business, to decide if our cultures and work styles are a perfect match.

2. Procurement Consultancy & Business Improvement Project

The project will have at its heart our commitment to improve your business and the established principles of business cost management and reduction underpinned by a ‘value for money’ ethos. By ‘value for money’ we mean the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet client requirements. And we’ll formulate and agree a project plan.

3. Annual Support & Category and Contract Management

We include unlimited client support and advice via telephone and email; pro-active contract management; we’ll handle renewals and go to market at the ideal time of year to re-contract. We’ll meet with you on a regular basis to review your requirements and meet with suppliers too to ensure you’re achieving successful category outcomes. And we’ll be available to undertake additional projects and category management.

Delivering  Professional Procurement Services from Clear Understanding of Goals and Solid Relationships Enquire Now
Our Methodology

Our aim is to assist our clients achieve direct and indirect process and efficiency savings through:

Rationalisation of expenditure

The first step in any indirect procurement review is to justify with logical reasoning current spending. For example a telephone system is a business necessity but the system in use may be outdated, expensive to maintain and limit the flexibility of your communications and team's output.

Consolidation of spending and reducing the number of suppliers

Many businesses have added suppliers to their supply chain over time and there is common consent that Tail Spend (low value purchases and maverick spend) if not properly managed can account for 80% of a company’s suppliers but only 20% of spending.

Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance

For example, through our partner organisations we can provide guidance on ESOS compliance; Health & Safety; financial management and business funding; and HR Support.

Managing supplier relationships

Business-to-business vendor and buyer relationships have to be properly managed to achieve the different desired outcomes required by each party. Because vendors and buyers have competing goals these differences can, if the relationship is not properly managed, cause an irretrievable breakdown in the relationship.

Mitigation of risk

Through our partner organisations our clients have access to insurance and risk management services.

Improvements to internal systems and processes

Procurement outsourcing reduces the need for in-house expertise and administration and frees up time within a business to concentrate on core activities.

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