Corporate Social Responsibility within our Supply Chain

At Procuright, we're passionate about working towards a greener, sustainable future. That's why we partner with companies within the blue-chip supply chain that match these principles.

Their environmental and social initiatives vary greatly but as a general rule they're designed to deliver ongoing benefits for the environment, our clients and local communities. Our supply chain can be trusted to deliver on your corporate social responsibility commitments.

Procuright's Supply Chain Partners

We have developed an extensive network of trusted supply chain partners, many of whom have ISO accreditations; Carbon Neutral status, or similar 'Green' accreditations, including ISO 14001, a systematic framework to manage the immediate and long term environmental impacts of an organisation's products, services and processes.

Importantly many of our suppliers are committed to enriching communities and the environment we share through long-term strategies, that include sustainable supply chains and conducting business responsibly underpinned by a Corporate Social Responsibility policy agenda.

Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chains

Sustainability isn't just about being 'green'. Sustainability is about socially and ethically responsible purchasing, minimising environmental impact through the supply chain and delivering economically sound solutions. Sustainability within procurement is therefore about achieving a balance between people, the planet and profit.

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Corporate Social Responsibility & People

Due to the size and diversity of our extensive supply chain, it would be impossible to highlight the strategies, projects and initiatives they all run and adhere to on an annual basis. However, they all have key corporate social responsibility principles, including;

Encouraging employees to be resource-efficient
Zero tolerance for slavery within their supply chains
Labour and human rights initiatives
Sustainability within the supply chain
Zero tolerance for human trafficking within their supply chains
Local, national and international community projects
Social value initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility at the Heart of Your Indirect Procurement.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility & the Planet

Our supply chain partners also run and adhere to various strategies, projects and initiatives to help the environment. They have key corporate social responsibility principles, including;

Reducing energy and water consumption
Ensuring responsible waste management
Lifecycle and sustainability of products
Recycling, compost and packaging initiatives
Low carbon and low impact travel
'Green' deliveries and transportation
Zero-to-landfil initiatives
Minimising the need to travel
Supply Chain Control

Procuright's supply chain partners conduct various regular risk assessments on their own supply chains to identify where there is the greatest risk of modern slavery or human trafficking being involved.

For instance the supply of software is considered low risk for one supplier. Whereas the supply of low-value products, which may have been manufactured in low-wage economies, is considered high risk.

For the types of supply considered to be at the higher end of the risk scale, suppliers have controls and evidence based policies and effective procedures in place.

This controls the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking down their own supply chain and is a continuously improving process within their own supply chain management.

Supply Chain of Procuright
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