Organisations cannot underestimate the importance of good contract management - it maintains the benefits created from sourcing, manages delivery risks and paves the way for future procurement activity.

Procuright's contract management services are a continuous review and management of the contractual terms and / or service level agreement within the procurement process. Our business management services for your indirect procurement contracts, ensures that suppliers adhere to their agreed contractual obligations and that our clients' corporate objectives are met.

Contract Management Benefits

The Benefits of Supplier Contract Management Outsourcing

Enhanced spend visibility, central oversight, improved compliance and procurement cycles
Expertise in a range of categories and a comprehensive and diverse supply chain
Priorities agreed at the outset are delivered in a cost effective and timely manner
Reduced off-contract/ maverick purchasing and more spend under management
Streamlined processes, one point of contact and cutting-edge suppliers
Non-compliance or variation is identified early for escalation and resolution
Better alignment across procurement, finance and the rest of the business
Ensures indirect spend is aligned to corporate objectives and departmental goals
Supplier performance enhancements and improved regulatory compliance
Evolving, none-emotive and impartial insight as business requirements change
Risks and costs are managed as part of the contract management process
Sharper focus on strategic core/ direct procurement activities and business growth
Regular reviews ensure continuous improvement and contracts are adhered to
Proactive contract reviews and renewals with current commercial interests reflected
Frees up the time of key personnel across procurement, finance and the rest of the business
Exit and termination handled to ensure seamless implementation of subsequent contracts

Business Management Services Consultancy

With our contract management expertise, deliverable business management services, opportunity detection and implementation processes, your whole indirect portfolio and contract management can be overseen by Procuright.

We work with clients to bind existing contract management activity and build on it to create compliance and management processes that are tailored and effective. Throughout our process you'll benefit from continuous improvement and savings delivery.

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Delivering Contract Management

Leading Business Management

There are a number of risks with informal contract arrangements. Previously agreed 'savings' can be lost and off-contract/ maverick spend can go unchallenged. It also leaves the business open to risks of service delivery failure and fails to generate the additional value that comes from strong supplier relationship management.

Procuright will develop best practice processes to support a corporate approach to contract management.

Our comprehensive contract management and business management services will help identify opportunities for cost savings and aid management reporting.

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