A recent Case Study of a current client; A Hospice based in Birmingham

The client is a charity based in Birmingham and a hospice providing a comprehensive service for people. They also have 16 fundraising shops

Case Study Cost Reduction

Service Reviewed

  The cost review to date includes Business Energy (Both Gas and Electricity).


Average Annual Saving

Business Electricity 37.4%, Business Gas 22.1% plus a reclaim on their Energy billing.


Total Annual Saving

  Business Electric £19,000, Business Gas £3,000 and Energy Reclaim £11,200.

Birmingham Hospice They're a charity based in Birmingham and a hospice providing a comprehensive service.

We currently look after their:

Business Energy

They have also asked us to look at their:

Food Procurement
Waste Management

A Hospice based in Birmingham

Our client is a charity based in Birmingham and a hospice providing a comprehensive service for people. They provide specialist nurses, doctors and consultants who give a wide range of advice and guidance to patients, friends and family and all of their services are free at the point of delivery. As well as the hospice itself, they have 16 fundraising shops across the region.

the brief

The charity had received numerous billing issues and errors (some of which they hadn't been aware of until we'd conducted our cost review). They had several energy contracts with different suppliers and all had different end dates too, which was creating administration issues. They also needed a much more streamlined solution for keeping track of their energy contracts as they'd been stung several times with "Out of Contract" pricing.

The outcome

We worked very closely with the hospice, collecting and collating billing as well as delivering a complete end-to-end service. We investigated and offered solutions, all without cost or obligation.

We embarked on a comprehensive cost review of all their commercial gas and electricity spending, across all of the hospice's sites. In addition to the invoicing errors (which neither the supplier nor the hospice were aware of), we also ascertained that there were a total of 20 contracts and 13 different end dates to manage. Due to our energy experts and their detailed industry knowledge (plus their relationships within the industry), we were able to rapidly settle the issues with the suppliers and we organised the rebates the charity was owed. Finally, we organised the numerous suppliers and contracts into a single consolidated portfolio.

Following the business cost review, a saving in electricity of £19,000 was achieved and £3,000 reduction in gas expenditure was identified. This reduced the cost of their electricity and gas by 37% and 22% respectively. We also helped the charity reclaim £11,200 due to a charged cost that they simply should never have been billed for. This resulted in an overall saving of £33,200.

The single consolidated account radically reduced their administrative responsibilities and time spent in this area. And of course, the hospice instantly increased their operating funds as our clients keep 100% of the savings that we're able to achieve.

"We approached and appointed them to assist with the procurement and management of our energy because we felt that because of the amount of sites that we have, the range of suppliers we had previously and possibly a lack of knowledge of the energy market within the organisation, there was the potential for things to be "not quite right". And this was certainly the case! This service was of no cost to us and it was also no obligation so it was worth us enlisting their help to go over things and we're very glad that we did. Procuright will be looking at other areas of procurement for us, in the not too distant future.

We were extremely happy with their very prompt and efficient response to our initial concerns but we had no idea what they would actually uncover. I anticipate a long term relationship with them and would have no hesitation in recommending Procuright to any organisation. " PT - Estates Manager.