In today's volatile energy markets, Procuright can provide a continuous, holistic and developing procurement strategy of cost and consumption reduction for your organisation.

Large energy users or businesses with complex energy portfolios will inevitably require long-term support to not only deliver savings but to ensure you're in control of your energy strategy and carbon responsibilities and liabilities.

If you have financial responsibility within your organisation, you know better than anybody how important it is to minimise company overheads. Our energy consultants can help you source the best energy deals as well as optimise your energy procurement and buying process. Doing this can be quite an undertaking depending on the size of your organisation, but in the long run it can be worthwhile and make a huge difference to the outgoings of your business.

Gain control of your energy procurement strategy and process; Make savings.

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We remove the burden, but you maintain the control

We work with you to understand your appetite to risk and your business objectives, making sure we have a complete understanding of your requirements to be in a position to recommend the best energy purchasing strategy. Plus;

  • The most beneficial price and pricing structure
  • Understanding your success criteria and aims
  • Help with implementing compliance to your benefit
  • Ensuring you achieve the financial positives of legislation

The cheapest energy is the energy you don't consume

Business energy consumers are facing increasing reporting obligations. Whilst they may be seen as a drain on time for key personnel, they can be of benefit to your organisation if implemented in the right way. So we'll guide you through;

energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS)

Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) benefits and savings.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) aims to make UK businesses more sustainable by identifying and reducing carbon-based fuel usage across buildings, processes and transport. ESOS is an opportunity for businesses to lessen usage through efficiencies and changes in working practices. It is a legal requirement for qualifying companies to comply, through measuring and reporting on their carbon-based energy consumption, but your ESOS report can also form the basis of a successful energy strategy.

You need to comply with ESOS if you are a UK company that employs 250 people or more, have an annual turnover in excess of 50m Euro and an annual balance sheet in excess of 43m Euro. You'll also need to comply with ESOS if you're an overseas company with a UK registered establishment which has 250 or more employees (paying income tax in the UK).

ESOS aims to engage clients to review carbon reduction, look at renewable investment and offers an opportunity to realise considerable cost saving for your business. ISO50001, Display Energy Certificates (DECs (or EPCs in Scotland)) and Green Deal Assessments (GDAs) can count towards ESOS assessments.

The original deadline for compliance with ESOS was 5th December 2015 but further ESOS assessments are required every four years thereafter. There are penalties for non-compliance.

Procuright can offer an end to end solution for ESOS compliance, based on your company's needs and resources. We can not only make compliance simpler but also work with you to realise continued energy cost saving.

Energy Strategy | Energy Consultants

Reduce your expenditure on energy through a strategic approach to business energy management that ensures an associated relationship between your energy usage, your carbon obligations and your cost of energy.

Procuright can find the best energy buying strategy for your individual needs

Experts in negotiating contract terms and ensuring that your business gets the best energy deal possible, we look at your business energy portfolio and overall objectives. Once we have your agreement to proceed and your strategy is in place, we take the strain, updating you along the way and providing you with the information you need to make key decisions at different stages.

Strategic Energy Procurement & Compliance
  • Our team will arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and overall objectives for your energy procurement, management and compliance.
  • We'll outline the options available to your organisation to allow you to make an informed decision, ensuring that we maximise your opportunities for cost reduction.
  • Our team will help you as much or as little as required to ensure that your organisation remains compliant and gets the best energy deals available.

As part of the service we'll also analyse the ways in which you can reduce your costs and improve efficiencies - helping you to maximise savings across your portfolio at the same time as meeting your compliance and carbon reduction obligations.

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