A recent Case Study of a current client;
A UK National Car Dealership

The aim of the review was to provide a fully managed procurement outsourcing solution, whilst ensuring key operational costs were as efficient as possible and to develop a robust procurement strategy.

Case Study Cost Reduction

Services Reviewed

  The cost review to date includes Energy, Telecoms, Waste Management and Business Supplies.


Average Annual Saving

Energy 9.8%, Telecoms 12.6%, Waste Management 7.2%, Business Supplies 19.1%


Total Annual Saving

  Energy £73,890, Telecoms £127,211, Waste Management £6,791 and Business Supplies £69,662

procurement case study They're a National Car Dealership with 42 sites across the UK

We currently look after their:

Business Energy
Business Telecoms
Waste Management
Business Supplies

They have also asked us to look at their:

Showroom Furniture & Workwear

A UK National Car Dealership

The company have built up an extensive network, that operates throughout the UK, and has grown through both acquisition and organically. This has resulted in a strong franchise network car firm, with 42 dealerships representing 19 different car brands, including, Renault, Skoda, Kia, Peugeot, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Citroën, Fiat, Hyundai, SEAT, Volkswagen, Vauxhall and Ford.

Through a programme of development and refurbishment many of their dealerships have been transformed into state of the art car showrooms to cater to the needs of their customers as well as showcase the brands and manufacturers that they proudly represent.

The Brief

To further enhance growth, it is part of their strategy to actively seek further acquisition opportunities in support of profitability and increased shareholder value. This model has worked well for the company over the past 3 decades, offering the geographical presence they require.

However, it has also resulted in supply chain management issues. From incompatible IT, Telecoms and Data networks to excessive suppliers, troublesome and labour intensive processes and emotive existing relationships and partnerships, which are no longer fit for purpose.

Procuright quickly established that the aim of the review was to ensure key operational costs were as efficient as possible and to develop a robust procurement strategy for the key cost areas of Business Energy, Business Supplies and Services, Business Telecoms, IT and Data Networks and Business Waste and Recycling. Their corporate social responsibility objectives were also key and it was vital that we adhered to the aims and initiatives they coveted aimed at reducing their environmental impact.

The Outcome

We were able to show and implement significant cost saving on waste management and recycling. The solutions also fell in line with their own corporate social responsibility objectives regarding the disposal of waste products created when carrying out work on vehicles. All paper, cardboard and plastics are recycled at every site, leaving only a very small amount of general waste going to landfill.

Business Energy (both electricity & gas) also showed a reduction in cost, we’ve implemented co-terminus end dates and again, we’ve provided a solution to not only save but also observe their corporate social responsibility policy and secured them the most competitive Green Energy solution.

From managed print services, branded gifts and pens, workwear and office stationery to business cards and printed marketing material, Procuright were able to reduce costs, whilst streamlining order processing, invoicing and deliveries to each site.

However, the greatest area of cost reduction and risk mitigation came across their IT, Infrastructure, Telecoms and Data. Whilst we’re still in the process of moving sites over to their new solution (due to the legacy contracts at individual sites) showrooms and offices have now been brought together as a seamless network.

Systems have been migrated, protocols established, suppliers, contracts and billing streamlined and IT and telecoms incompatibilities addressed. A fully managed converged network which includes fixed line telephony, data and mobiles, across all 42 dealerships. This solution is all fully scalable, expertly managed and totally future proof, independent of incumbent legacy suppliers and newly built from the ground up.

The Future

Our Telecoms, IT, Data and Mobiles solution will provide a unified system across the sites allowing for effective management of communication but equally as important to the business, it allows for scalability for their expansion.

Due to the company being within a period of expansion, with each new car showroom that’s either acquired or selected for renovation, we’ll be working with them to provide furniture (including, soft seating, sofas, stools, breakout area tables and chairs.) and workwear for employees too.

"It was vital that we identified a partner who we could trust to both deliver a plan and implement the findings. Your initial approach and model fit our objectives perfectly but little did we know at the onset of this exercise, that you’d provide such valuable knowledge, insight and acumen for everything we were looking to achieve. This is representative across the 4 main areas you worked on but due to the scalability of the various solutions, it’s future proofed for our corporate and growth plans" JPE the Property Director.