Procurement Outsourcing Procurement Management by Gemma

Procurement Outsourcing in 2020

With the rationale to outsource non-core services increasingly compelling, many organisations are finding that strategic, well-managed indirect procurement outsourcing is a sure route to securing significant cost reduction and efficiencies.

Benefits of Procurement Outsourcing

In today’s fast-moving world, you need to be flexible, adaptable and ready to act fast. Indirect procurement outsourcing can help finance and procurement teams be more productive, collaborative, efficient and agile as well as;

Better Access to Supplier Innovation

Unique knowledge, resources, capabilities, talent, ideas and technology.

Focus on Core Business Functions

Adjust and redistribute budgets and personnel to core business functions.

Leveraging on Supplier Capabilities

You specialise in whatever products or services you sell; so does the supplier.

Better Access to New Products & Services

Suppliers keep us updated of product and service enhancements; clients reap the benefits.

Department Alignment

Alignment between the rest of business, procurement and suppliers to achieve client goals.

Risk Management & Reduction

Identifying and mitigating risk as well as improving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a result.

More Efficient Processes

Across procurement, finance and the business as a whole on categories of indirect spend.

Supplier Performance Enhancements

Increased supplier service percentages, improved on-time deliveries and SLAs.

Joint Value Creation

Achieving the different desired outcomes and goals required by both vendor and buyer.

Effective Resolutions

Keeping the relationship healthy with quick resolutions and a strengthened relationship.

Gain Compliance

Higher contract compliance rates and regulatory compliance across the business.

Cost Reduction

This may appear to conflict with the focus on value creation, but annual cost reduction is still a KPI.

Category Expertise

Category management , expertise and a comprehensive and diverse supply chain.

Focus on Direct Procurement

Sharper focus on strategic core/ direct procurement activities and business growth.

Indirect Procurement Alignment

Ensures indirect spend is aligned to corporate objectives and departmental goals.

Growth Alignment

Evolving, none-emotive and impartial insight as business requirements change with current commercial interests reflected.

Indirect Procurement Management

Reduced off-contract/ maverick purchasing, visibility and more spend under management.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Enhanced focus on Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) across Indirect Procurement.

Time for the Team

Frees up the time of key personnel across procurement, finance and the rest of the business.

Procurement Outsourcing in 2020 and Beyond

By working with Procuright, you’ll be able to free up your teams to concentrate on their main tasks; looking after your customers, managing organic and acquisitional growth, planning, management reporting and making recommendations to the board.

With Procuright as your procurement outsourcing company of choice (or procurement outsourcing partners), on areas of indirect spend, you’ll be empowering the business with all of the above. Plus, you’ll be assured of being aligned with the current trends, processes, technology and tools. Meaning cost reduction is also likely.

Procuright assist both small and large companies that are either setting up a procurement function for the first time or are looking to improve or transform the efficiency and effectiveness of their procurement activity. We consistently achieve our aims, to ensure our clients are able to increase the efficiency of their procurement and achieve a better outcome for their businesses.

Backed and implemented by outstanding service and support our outsourced indirect procurement solutions are fully scalable, expertly managed and future proof. We're independent of suppliers and solutions are designed and delivered to meet the exact needs of your team and the overall business; no matter how much it grows.

"In today’s fast-moving world, you need to be flexible, adaptable and ready to act fast. Indirect procurement outsourcing can help finance and procurement teams be more productive, collaborative, efficient and agile......................"