Data and internet solutions are evolving. Keep your business ahead. All the latest solutions have a place within the market but knowing which is right for your organisation is also dependent on location, budget and the infrastructure available.

When you're looking for the best business broadband service, the one you choose is about more than just price. You need fast, reliable internet, with expert support when it matters most. Alongside our partners, Procuright will deliver on your expectations and beyond.

Delivering on Business Broadband

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With more and more applications moving from customer premises and into the cloud, it's essential you can connect your business and workforce reliably and at high speeds. Our full range of Business Broadband services includes Fibre Broadband using Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Converged Broadband and Assured Broadband dedicated to voice services.

Business Broadband exclusively for the business market (offices and homeworkers)

A network built to provide high-quality products and services and this is supported by a highly-skilled group of UK-based support staff and engineers. Assured services are designed for IP telephony, whether it's for SIP Trunks or hosted voice service/ phone systems.

Broadband Deals for Business

Connect your business and workforce reliably and at high speeds with a full range of Business Broadband & Data Procurement solutions

Business Data
Broadband Deals for Business

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ambitious business.

Great Value for Money

A wide range of competitively priced services to meet your voice and business data requirements. Get all your business voice and data from one supplier with the convenience of one bill and one account manager.

Broadband Migrations

We have a proven process of migrations over to a robust network that is adaptable to suit your requirements. Don't put up with poor service and support; Procuright can assist in moving you over to a range of business data services.

Business Exclusive Broadband

We provide services exclusively to businesses, which means the partners and networks we work with aren't crowded with heavy consumer traffic during business hours and so the service provided to you is optimised.

Business Broadband Maintenance

If Broadband connection is critical to your business, you can upgrade your maintenance package for an even faster fix time.

Business Broadband

A full range of business Broadband services with the following options:

  • 22 clock hour fix time SLA
  • Expedite the installation time for new circuits
  • Regrade to different Broadband products
  • One free static IP as standard
  • Additional IP addresses can be purchased

Fibre Business Broadband

A widely-available set of Fibre broadband with the following options:

  • 22 clock hour fix time SLA
  • Regrade to alternative fibre products
  • One free static IP as standard
  • Additional IP addresses

Assured Business Broadband

A specialist business Broadband product designed to support IP telephony services, plus:

  • Up to 15 concurrent G.729 calls
  • Provision of a quality Cisco router with no upfront costs for longer term contracts
  • One free static IP as standard
  • Additional IP addresses

Converged Broadband

Combining Assured Broadband and internet access using just one circuit, plus:

  • stringent SLA
  • Fibre or ADSL2 Broadband (location dependent)
  • Provision of a quality Cisco router with no upfront costs for longer term contracts
  • One free static IP as standard & additional available
Ethernet for Business

Fast, secure & reliable
internet connectivity

As more services move into the cloud, so the need for fast, secure and reliable internet connectivity has become essential. Ethernet products provide highly reliable, secure and fast data connectivity.

Ethernet products and services can help reduce the cost of private networking while improving the quality of service and support. We offer scalability and flexibility unavailable from legacy services. And we deliver dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all your voice and data traffic.

Dedicated & Uncontended

The high availability and low latency afforded by next-generation networks makes this the ideal connectivity for cloud-based services.

Voice & Data Convergence

Reap cost savings by consolidating voice and data and reap the rewards of dealing with a market leader in IP telephony.

24/7 Monitoring
& Helpdesk

Services are monitored and supported 24/7 to ensure consistency of performance and immediate response to issues.

Service Level Agreement

Comprehensive SLAs cover delivery, performance, availability and time to fix, giving you peace of mind and leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

High Capacity
& Flexibility
Fibre Ethernet service delivers up to 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth. Start small and upgrade later whilst providing employees with quick, reliable access to critical files and applications.
Managed Cisco Router Our partners manage the router on your premises to keep it running at peak performance
Business Ethernet Services

Three service options are available based on how they are technically delivered. These services provide highly reliable and ultra-fast data connectivity, delivering dedicated and uncontended bandwidth to your site.

Fibre Ethernet

This service is delivered using end-to-end fibre optic connections and provides dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all converged voice and data traffic on a single connection.

  • Highly-reliable, secure and fast data connectivity
  • Reduce the cost of private networking while improving the quality
  • Services over either 100Mbps or 1Gbps circuits
  • Symmetric speeds from <10Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Robust, end-to-end SLAs that include 24/7 UK-based support with 6 clock hour fix time
EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) service is a converged internet and voice solution delivered over aggregated copper pairs with dedicated and symmetrical speeds of up to 35Mbps.

  • Lower cost option to Fibre Ethernet
  • Much faster delivery time than Fibre Ethernet
  • No compromise on quality or service levels
  • Inherently resilient and reliable service with 8 clock-hour break fix time
  • 24/7 monitoring with UK-based helpdesk
FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) Ethernet

This service is delivered using Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) technology and is a cost effective solution to benefit from Ethernet capabilities.

  • Fast, reliable access at a lower cost level than EFM
  • Symmetric speeds of up to 20Mbps with the option to purchase up to 80Mbps downstream
  • Faster delivery lead times than Fibre Ethernet and EFM services
  • Reliable service with 8 clock hour break fix
  • 24/7 monitoring with UK-based helpdesk

Superfast Business Broadband Scheme

The Government Superfast Broadband scheme may have finished now, but alongside our partners and suppliers, we're continuing the offer for a limited time.

Find out if your business qualifies for up to £3,000 towards Superfast Broadband installation today.

Superfast Broadband
Superfast Broadband Scheme
Ethernet for the Cloud

Organisations of all sizes are already in the cloud (IP telephony (VoIP), hosted applications such as CRMs, SharePoint or Salesforce etc. and remotely backing up individual PCs etc.). But as this trend increases, so does the need for high-performance, reliable and fast connections. Our diverse Ethernet services provides businesses with this essential foundation, no matter what you're looking to achieve.

Installing Business Ethernet

High speed, scalable Ethernet products can be delivered in as little as 20 working days for FTTC Ethernet, 30 days for EFM and 60 days for Fibre Ethernet. So that's not long before you can benefit from highly reliable and ultra-fast data connectivity, delivering dedicated and uncontended bandwidth to your site. Plus, most pricing is structured so that no capital outlay is required on 3 or 5 year contract terms.

Business Ethernet Security

Ethernet is inherently secure because it operates as a point-to-point service over a dedicated network infrastructure. However, if a connection is provided to the internet, additional security services such as firewalls will need to be implemented. We have access to fraud management services to complement Hosted Telephony and SIP Trunks to protect the business from fraudulent activity including hacking or excessive unauthorised call spends.

Business Ethernet Resilience

An optional resilient fall-over solution gives you the assurance of enhanced service availability levels to support business-critical applications and provides high protection against unforeseen network incidents. We have access to a range of options for increasing the resiliency of your primary service from FTTC Broadband backup right through to Fibre Ethernet solutions routed via different exchanges and network nodes for the highest level of resiliency.

Data Procurement
Converged Voice and Data

A purpose-built combined
voice & data network

For businesses that rely on IP-voice services for their communications, ensuring quality data connectivity is essential. Our data services are fully integrated with our market leading and award-winning IP voice products, giving you access to a purpose-built combined voice and data network. This means you benefit from a single point of contact for both your data and IP voice (including porting). This converged approach not only reduces complexity in the solution design, implementation and overall supply chain, but it removes the need for you to manage different upstream suppliers for voice and data.

At the heart of Converged Broadband and Converged Ethernet products is an affordable solution that enables you to consolidate and converge your data and voice networks into one, giving your business a number of distinct advantages, including;

  • The ideal platform for migrating to IP telephony & opening up the numerous benefits that this brings
  • Reduce supplier numbers & network management costs by getting rid of legacy voice infrastructure & complexity
  • Access to increased bandwidth & performance will help your business move into the cloud & benefit from all this brings
  • Purchasing an end-to-end service from a single, trusted supplier means you have greater control & problems are fixed more quickly

Converged Private Networks

Converged Private Networks (CPN) is a fully-managed MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)-based WAN (Wide Area Network) solution that is ideal for multi-site businesses that want to improve service whilst reducing costs. CPN delivers the performance, reliability and security that businesses need to make effective use of today's multi-media services. It forms part of a connectivity portfolio, which includes converged high quality voice and high speed internet services over Broadband and Ethernet with the capability to privately connect multiple sites with many benefits, including;

MPLS Procurement

Lower voice and data costs with attractively priced service contracts, no charges for site-to-site calls, competitive call rates and a reduced need and investment cost for internal IT and networking skills

Ease of operation with our blue-chip supply chain partners managing the key components of your business so you require fewer IT and networking staff, enabling you to focus on your business goals

Better protection against cyber-attacks, for all users and at all access points, supporting governance and compliance to general and industry specific security requirements; visibility and control down to application, content and user level

Network monitoring and management capability which can be operated either by yourself or through your service provider, allowing you to monitor the performance and availability of the technology your business depends upon

Application prioritisation enabling support for voice and video conferencing along with high-priority business-critical applications so you'll benefit from high quality voice and video calls and uninterrupted access to the tools you need to do your job

Scalable bandwidth to meet differing needs across sites. This ensures that your network is future proofed to accommodate for your growing business requirements

Reduced business risk with high availability of services (including cloud applications and SaaS (Sofware as a Service)), reliable network and resilient access options

Commercial options to suit business needs with a choice of contract term, wide variety of access types and deals with no upfront costs

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The time is right for CPN within the business if;

you still use legacy leased lines and are also transferring data across the public internet (e.g. using IPSec) but you want to implement true quality of service and benefit from the cost saving associated with running both voice and data over IP

you're using VoIP but have yet to integrate it with your data network. It's ideal for businesses that want to achieve operational and other benefits from running all voice and data traffic over a network supplied by a single vendor

you're nearing the end of your current agreement and will be searching for a better deal for an MPLS-based service in terms of cost, management, performance, security and reliability

your business is fast growing and expanding its geographical footprint and need a flexible solution to support it or want to utilise video conferencing to benefit from the reduction in staff travel costs and lost work time

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